Time Flys When You're (not) Blogging

I'm not sure why I was led down this particular rabbit hole this afternoon, but I just "discovered" that KingScrod.com has been online for almost thirteen and a half years: it was first registered on February 4, 2001.  That's a freakin' eon ago!  W. had only been the so-called POTUS for a month and we still had two very ugly look-alike sky scrapers standing tall in southern Manhattan. I was also still a (somewhat) swinging bachelor and I'm pretty sure was by that time living alone in Da Den over on Old Bainbridge, or whatever you want to call that wretched place Spencer and I holed up in until he was rescued by marriage and me by Liz.

You can relive all some of the high and low points in KingScrod.com's life at the WayBack Machine's website.

In any case, Happy 13.42 Birthday KingScrod.com!  May you have many more.