The Subway Inn's Day's Are Numbered

I just saw that The Subway Inn Bar in Manhattan announced it will be closing for good on or before August 15.  As I said in my Facebook post on this that will be 77 years down the terlet, though of course not down their terlet because if I remember correctly it didn't flush all that well.  But you didn't go to The Subway Inn for the terlet (although it did become a necessary part of your visit if you did it correctly).  You went there because it was there; because it was still there perhaps I should now say.


I'm not sure how many times I've been to The Subway Inn, mainly because its not the type of dive bar you walk out remembering that much about.  This is not because its not a memorable place, it in fact is a very unique place; you walk out not remembering much because its the kind of dive you get flat stinking drunk in.  Or at least I would back in the day (we're talking years ago, just for the record).  The one thing I will always remember about it though is the Godzilla toy on the shelf behind the bar.  It turns out I have the same exact
toy sitting on the shelf above my desk as I type this.  That was enough to sell me on the place, but there was always so much more.  The best bet was to get there early afternoon before too many of the Hip-Shits got there or before it got just plan too crowded.  Remember, they aren't going out of business for lack of customers; they're being kicked out by the new owners (one Heineken fueled afternoon I actually wanted to know how much they'd sell the place for, I figured it would be a gold mine...and THAT of course if one of the more embarrassing things my brain chose to keep a memory of...).

Anyway, I may have one final shot (not the liquid kind, although that would be available...) at going there one last time, but that requires a lot of physical, logistical and business-related things to line up in the right way.  If that does happen I'll be sure to develop a post about it, so stay tuned...