The Magnificent Seven

Nabire, Nola, Angalifu, Sudan, Suni, Najin and Fatu

Seven names.  Seven Norther White Rhinos.

That's all there is. Period

Only seven exist, the rest are gone.

I'm not talking about the only seven in some zoo. I mean total, global, all-encompassing, absolute,utter...get my drift? 

There are only seven NWR on the face of the earth (and presumably in the entire universe).  

Let that sink in for a few minutes (I'll wait....).


Here's the cast of characters, what we'll call:

The Magnificent Seven

Nabire - female - Hybrid between Northern and Southern - Dvur Kralove Zoo, Czech Republic
Nola - female - non-fertile - San Diego Zoo
Angalifu - male - San Diego Zoo
Sudan - male - Ol Pejeta
Suni - male - Ol Pejeta
Najin - female - Ol Pejeta
Fatu - female- Last NWR born in captivity - Ol Pejeta