Is this really news? If not, go ***** yourself!

So in the wake of the country actually doing a bungee jump routine with the fiscal cliff this week CNN has decided that part of the story that is newsworthy is a small incident that apparently happened last week between House Speaker Johny Boner and Harry "Armpits" Reid in which Boner told Armpits to "go F*** yourself."  I'm not sure why this is even taking up space on the airwaves (can we still call a cable feed airwaves?).  Its not the first time a politician in high position has used the F word, and I think that Chris Christie's speech yesterday was conveying pretty much the same sentiment to Boner, just more eloquently with far more words.

But one of my favorite political F-Yous was from Lyndon Johnson, a man who as I understand had a firm grasp of the more colorful side of the English language:

This is taken from the book "All The President's Men" and also made it into the film version with Jason Robards recounting it as Ben Bradlee himself