The Real Thing, or perhaps two

In eary 1999 I was sent to California for a week and a half of training, and from there dispatched to Salt Lake City for a network upgrade project over Easter weekend at our very own SuperFund site. 

I plan to write at length about both trips soon however one of the highlights of the California portion was that I managed to get tickets to the Dennis Miller Live show for that Friday (3/26/1999).   His guest that night was someone I was only vaguely aware of at the time but has since become one of those people that I find myself going back to again and again: Christopher Hitchens.  He only left a mild impression on me that evening, in fact I thought he might be trying a bit too hard.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Not only was he not trying too hard, he was in fact The Real Thing, and perhaps one of the very few Real Things I'll ever get to see and hear in person since TRTs are typicaly only a myth.  What makes this eveninig so much more monumental for me now (post hoc ergo propter hoc) is that I also believe Dennis Miller has many elements of being a TRT as well. 

I finally found a video of this, posted by somone on YouTube