25 Things About Me

This was originally created in response to one of the never ending Facebook memes a few years ago (2009).  Many of my FB Friends (as opposed to real friends?) we're doing this, the idea being they would write 25 things about them, tag 25 FB Friends, and have them do the same.  I guess you could say I got caught up in the moment, so here, for you future enjoyment, are 25 Things About Me circa 2009.

1) For 18 months I was the Sports Editor (actually the entire sports department) for a weekly English language newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
2) I think clean air is over-rated.
3) I'm allergic to chicken soup.
4) I conducted the oral defense of my doctoral thesis on the mating habits of herculean pygmies entirely in drag.
5) I was a participant in a very successful mud wrestling tour of OPEC countries.
6) I like the taste of processed cheese.
7) I've been married five times; #3 and #4 were twins, and no, they were in NO WAY identical.
8) I once lost a knife fight with Tipper Gore.
9) My favorite mood is inertia.
10) I refuse to use my time machine to go back in time and change anything...but I could...
11) My favorite flavour is noodle.
13) I raise anchovies as a hobby.
12) I'm spontaneously dyslexic.
14) My favorite word is burnt-umber.
15) I'm related to both Yogi Berra and Barack Obama through an imaginary relative.
16) I think fruit-roll-ups are un-American.
17) My favorite color is transparent.
18) I can fly single engine planes in three languages.
19) I'm frightened of the lions in Animal Crackers.
20) I taught Sonny Bono how to ski.
21) I've voted for Barry Goldwater in every presidential election since 1992.
22) In an out of control game of Truth or Dare I challenged Ellen DeGeneres to try string cheese, just once.
23) I have memorized every line Leonardo Di Caprio has ever spoken on screen.
24) I have two turn tables and a microphone in the hall bathroom.
25) I'm not very imaginative.