Review of Disney's Brave

Well, if you were wondering how hard it might be to drop a hundred bucks on a Sunday afternoon and come away with nothing of any redeeming value, all you got to do is go to a Disney matinee with your wife and three kids (Suzen, Nathan and Jillian) and WHAMMO! a hundred bucks effortlessly disappears down the drain to Hollywood.  And, you may also wonder, did I enjoy the self-inflicted removal of the hundred bucks...

I think it says something important that the short, La Luna, before the main feature, Brave, was far better and more enjoyable than the main feature itself.  That's in my humble opinion of course.  I enjoyed every bit of La Luna, and in hind-sight wished the feature would have been done by the same team.  Its not often that a film, short or otherwise, takes you to someone new, but La Luna does just that.  I won't spoil the story, but it is worth watching on its own.  And it did put me in a good frame of mind and I was anticipating a good entertaining film to follow...

...and that feeling didn't last long at all.  Both my nephew, Nathan, and I were ready to go not far into the film at all.  We did enjoy the guy stuff, what little there was.  I get that its a "girls" film, but man did it get boring.  I do think its kind of hypocritical that the best parts, and most humorous, was at the expense of the male characters; it seems that in today's climate if a film has the, shall we say balls, to do humor at the expense of female characters the film is instantly branded misogynistic.  

[Quick vote, how many of you knew that misandry is the opposite of misogyny?  You probably think it makes me a misogynist that I know that, and that probably would prove some point, but if we follow the logic further I think the cyclical redundancy starts to get silly. {One other point, the FireFox, which I'm editing this on, doesn't think misandry is a word, so is that a statement on how obscure the word, and concept, is, or does that in fact make FireFox a misandrious application?}]

 But I guess I'm less disappointed in wasting a hundred bucks and two hours on some poorly thought-out feminist (misandrious) fluff than I am at the lack of taste Disney is now becoming known for.  The bare-assed men were just totally out of line for a kids movie (but totally in-line with the misandry motif).  I know its PG, but come on!  This is (was) Disney, and if it weren't for the bare-asses (and some of the attempts at scary parts [fail again]) it could have been a G. 

But, oh yeah, Disney doesn't want a G film anymore because, the experts tell us, no one will come to see it.  So they add naked men, stupid violence and 3D (although we didn't cough up the extra extortion for it) and WALLA!  A HIT!   Its a sad, sad thing when intelligent, so-called experts believe no one will come to see a good story for its own sake and that in order to get people in to the theater and to buy the DVD they have to add crude humor and violence...but then again maybe they did realized they didn't have a good story after all and would in fact need the crude humor and violence to get people in.

So, would I recommend Brave?  Yes, but if you're a guy only to see La Luna, then I'd recommend going to the lobby and playing the video games for the next hour and a half while the ladies of the group enjoy the film.